WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid has seen Rob Gronkowski up close this summer, and he can tell you that the hulking tight end has a long way to go before he’s ready to step into NFL action.

“He’s a little bit thinner,” Reid said on The Adam Jones Show after seeing Gronkowski at an event where the Patriots star delivered football equipment to Brockton Pop Warner players. “I feel like he’s lost like 30 pounds, anywhere between 20 or 30 pounds. He looks a lot lighter. If you’re thinking where he’s going to start the season, I think he’s going to start on the [Physically Unable to Perform] list, mainly because I think he just needs to get into football shape. I’m sure he’s probably doing stretching and he’s running, but it doesn’t look like he’s hit the weights in a long time, or since he’s had the surgery. And the way he plays, that physicality, that ‘I’m gonna run you over,’ I’m going to say right now, he’s maybe about 235. And I know he plays anywhere between 265 and 270, so I don’t think right now he looks like he’s physical enough to play his style of football.”

Starting the season on the PUP list would give Gronkowski six weeks to get ready to play, while also keeping a roster spot open for another player during that time.

Just to be clear, Reid was asked the probability of Gronk starting the season the PUP list.

“If I was going to bet, it’d be 100 percent,” Reid said. “I’d put every last dime that he starts on PUP.”

As far as the players on the field, Reid said that Julian Edelman has the most at stake on Thursday night. With Danny Amendola out, Edelman will have to show he provides some value to the team.

“He’s not done anything in the preseason to make me think that I want to keep him,” Reid said.


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