By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police released a video on Tuesday that clearly shows a stabbing victim running from his attacker in Jamaica Plain. It happened in the area of the Hennigan Elementary School in the 200 block of Heath Street around 9:21 Sunday night. The two took off across the ball courts and into the neighborhood behind the school, the victim leaving a trail of blood.

The footage shows the two rounding a corner down the hill from the school. The stabbed man keeps running and his attacker appears to give up, stopping in clear view of the camera. “Yeah, people are talking about it, you know,” said Dennis Castro, whose family lives nearby. He saw the police activity shortly after it happened and wondered what was going on. “All I seen was just people walking and running, a cruiser there and a detective car right there,” he said.

Police say the victim was stabbed five times, hit twice in the neck and in the back, arm and hand as well. He is expected to survive, but in the video, was clearly covered in blood.

The video came from a home security camera. A woman who lives in the house where it was taken says her brother saw the victim. They checked their security system and realized they caught part of the pursuit. That’s when they handed it over to police.

Neighbors hope an arrest is made soon. “You never like to hear about violence in your neighborhood. You like to think that your neighbors are good people looking out for each other,” said Mark Schwaller. “I don’t want that happening. I’ll definitely be going home and telling my roommates about it.”

Police say the relationship between the victim and the attacker is unknown.


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