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How many people do I know…….who woke up in the morning….looked in the mirror and said…….”I should be President of the United States.”   I’ve pointed them out over the years. I remember in one case……a grossly overweight (and ugly…sorry) Senator from New Hampshire who said that……..”I should be President of the United States” and actually made a run for about a month and a half.      What is it?    Ya can’t blame it on the water I guess……there was a guy out in Illinois a few years back who said the same thing…..and DAMN….less experience than anyone in the history of America who ever had that awakening……and he became President…..which I have to assume, might make me a dark-horse for the job.

But the one that concerns me right now is S. Brown.     No, not Sherrod Brown…..a lefty loony from Nowhere, Ohio (former Republican by the way)……but Scott Brown, the guy who shocked the world and WON Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat in Washington…..and then, when running for reelection to the U.S. Senate, got his ass kicked by Elizabeth Warren, perhaps the worst candidate ever put on a ticket by either party.   Which by the way, gives the state of Massachusetts, the two most oblivious representatives in the U.S. Senate.   That by the way is not just a put-down to these two lightweights, it’s the Massachusetts voters who just don’t get it.     It sorta links up with the idea of having a Red Sox pitcher throw a couple of fastballs at A-Rods head and think it’s the right thing to do…….to a drug-using-lying idiot.    Big reality check Scott….eh?   So some people thought he’ll run for the senate again…..(didn’t happen)….maybe for Governor….(doubt it)….but no, Scott brown apparently woke up the other morning……looked into the mirror before going off to visit his in-laws in Nowheresville, Iowa and said…”Ya know what……I should be President of the United States.”    Scott………WHAT IN HELL COULD YOU BE THINKING?”

I like Scott Brown, and I certainly understand the balancing act he had to try just to hang onto his seat…..but he blew it…..to a total lightweight.   Same thing Mitt Romney.  I had high hopes for the guy…..but Mitt, Scott…….you both blew it.    Stranger things have happened in politics to be sure, but Scott Brown thinking about Presidential politics right now will not rule out what my mirror is saying……..I think it’s beginning to talk to me………whudda yuz think…..is it my time.?


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