Following a super hot July, it has been cooler than average this month but it will be heating up this week. In fact, if the temperature doesn’t quite exceed 85 degrees today, it definitely will tomorrow for the first time in Boston since July 24th! A few hot spots will have a heat wave assuming the temperature nudges 90 degrees tomorrow because, after that, most areas will strike 90 degrees or slightly higher on Wednesday and Thursday. The exceptions will be south-facing coastal areas as a southwesterly wind blows and keeps it a bit cooler in the lower 80s. The humidity will remain low through tomorrow then spike higher into the moderate zone Wednesday and probably into the high category on Thursday. Apply the sunscreen as the sunshine will be changeable in brightness today as varying amounts of high cloudiness stream across the region. There will be no rain-producing clouds anywhere as the westerly wind blows at 5-10 mph. The tide is high around 10 am followed by a low tide closer to 4:30 pm. Seas are slight at 1-2 feet and the ocean temperature is running in the middle 60s to lower 70s. Sunshine will be brighter tomorrow and Wednesday with just a few clouds.

Looking ahead, a cold front will be approaching on Thursday and passing across the region Thursday night. It may trigger a few showers and thunderstorms mainly over northern New England Thursday evening and a few of them could be stray into MA overnight while weakening. There could be a brief shower around daybreak Friday as the sky becomes partly cloudy during the morning with cooler and drier air invading the Northeast. There will be a high near or just under 80 on Friday with a northerly breeze at 10-20 mph. Presently, most signals are giving a green light for a nice weekend ahead with high pressure building in from the Great Lakes to provide ample sunshine and light wind. The nights will be cool in the lower to middle 50s and the days will run from near 75 on Saturday to about 80 on Sunday. A developing sea breeze will knock the temperature back a bit along the coast. After this week’s summer sizzle, there are no indications of a hot conclusion to August as was the case 3 years ago when there was a heat wave on August 29 through September 2. Boston’s respective temperatures were 94, 92, 96, 94 and 95. Whew!

Hurricane_Bob_19_aug_1991_1226ZOn this date in 1991, the center of Hurricane Bob made landfall at Newport, RI just before 2pm. Sustained hurricane force winds blew across coastal RI and much of southeastern MA. Peak wind gusts occurred across Cape Cod with 125 mph reported at Brewster and Truro. Extensive building, tree and boat damage plus severe beach erosion resulted from the vicious winds and the storm surge. The surge ranged up to 5-8 feet along the RI shore and up to 10-15 feet in Buzzards Bay. Four small tornadoes were also confirmed. Rainfall of 3-7 inches was common near and northwest of the storm track from Newport to Hingham while less than an inch of rain fell on Cape Cod. The lowest air pressure in New England was reported in theChecking the tropics this morning, thankfully, there are no disturbances all across the Atlantic and that is very good news!

Todd Gutner posts his blog this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!


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