With the NFL Network’s Bert Breer filling in for the vacationing Rich on Toucher & Rich Friday morning, Fred figured it was the perfect time to go over the AFC division by division.

Fred and Bert started out in the AFC South, moved over to the East, then the North. Due to time constraints the guys missed out on their trip to the West — but we figure the Broncos will run away with that division anyways.

What division does Breer think will produce the most playoff teams?

In the AFC East, who will be starting quarterback in Buffalo? And will whoever starts the season at quarterback for the Jets still have that job at the end of the season?

Will the Ravens be a contender again coming off the championship season?

Do the Texans have enough depth on their roster to make a deep run, and is the addition of Ed Reed a good move? J.J. Watt wants to be part of the offense, but is that a smart move?

Bert Breer of the NFL Network breaks it all down on Toucher & Rich!

The AFC South

The AFC East

The AFC North


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