BOSTON (CBS) – Everyone’s an expert the morning after an election. And the last one was no exception.

Of course Mitt Romney lost and everyone seemed to immediately know why. They pointed to demographics – not enough support among Hispanics and women – while others blamed Republican losses on a disconnect over social issues like same-sex marriage.

But as the Republican National Committee gathers in Boston this week for its summer meeting, its members are discussing more than these issues as they prepare for the next election cycle.

One of the issues is technology, which the Obama campaigns managed to harness in a way that we had never seen in electoral politics.

And it wasn’t just the Obama’s creative use of the Internet. His two campaigns also turned texting into a powerful tool, compiling the cell phone numbers of millions of people to create a database that’s become the envy of the political world.

One high ranking Republican player has been quoted to say the party is in a “space race” with Democrats.

Not that good old fashioned retail politics is out of style. In this day and age you must have both.

In fact, RNC members are talking a lot about retail politics as well, with plans, first reported by POLITCO, to place hundreds of staffers in almost a hundred offices around the country by the end of the year.

This as the RNC gets a daily reminder of how the last election ended. The year’s meeting is being held in the same place where Romney delivered his concession speech last November.

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