By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Wow, what a day…the high was a very pleasant 76 degrees and the air was nice and dry…hard to believe that it’s going to get even better!

High pressure is settling into the Northeast…it’s first task is to deliver a chilly night.  The air is dry, the wind is getting lighter and the sky is clear…a recipe for an Autumn-like night.  Some suburban towns will dip into the 40s by morning…close the windows!  After the cool start the day will warm nicely under 100% of available sunshine into the middle and upper 70s.  The wind will also be much lighter with the high nearly on top of us.

That high pressure ridge will anchor itself over the Northeast into the weekend…just drifting off the coast and over our coastal waters.  This will lead to more sunny, pleasantly warm days and comfortably cool nights.  Return flow behind the high will pump in increasingly warm air early next week and temps will cruise through the 80s with a small chance of touching 90.  There is virtually no sign of rain over the next 7 days…enjoy.


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