BOSTON (CBS) – Brad Stevens wants to make his own mark on the tradition of the Boston Celtics, but he also wants to make sure those that helped create the image of greatest always feel welcomed.

The 36-year-old Stevens reached out to former Celtics greats via a letter recently, inviting those that donned the green to attend practices, games and community events.

“On behalf of the Boston Celtics management, staff and players, I write you to come around any time. Please know that you are cordially welcome to attend our practice sessions, home games at the TD Garden, games when we are on the road and Celtics events in our community,” Stevens wrote, according to “I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Continued success and well wishes.”

With a young and rebuilding team, it’s not hard to understand why Stevens would reach out to the greats of the past. Having former players around would give the young coach — who will not have any NBA experience on his resume until late October — more knowledge not only of the NBA game but of the franchise, and other voices to help connect and echo his message to the current Celtics roster.

Stevens made a point to connect with each and every one of his players shortly after being named Boston’s new head coach, and now he’s reaching out to past Celtics.

It’s unlikely Rick Pitino received a letter, but who knows, maybe Larry Bird and others will be walking through that door at some point.


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