A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Okay , so it’s a rainy day and all sorts of blogs are festering in my muddled head…..which by the way is recuperating from 3-hours in a dentist’s chair.  Yes it’s work that had to be done….but damn that’s barbaric.    I’ll tell ya what….right behind open heart surgery comes the process for installing a couple of implants in ones jaw.   A bunch of  needles, a couple of drills, a hammer, a ratchet wrench, another hammer, some gorilla glue, something to suck up the gross residual and your done.      Thanks Doc……..Nice job.

Where was I?     Whitey……guilty of almost everything……no surprise.  I know some of the bereaved were not happy that the jurors didn’t find guilt on absolutely everything, but look at it this way, a bad guy has gone away forever…..and that jury could have convicted him of the Benghazi attack and the Watergate break-in and he couldn’t sentenced to any more than he’s already going to serve.

Cigarette smokers:    How’s that extra buck-a-pack workin’ out for you?   They should have made it $3 more.   And for the knuckleheads who are suckin’ on E-cigs….electronic cigarettes with fake smoke……….I think I’ve said before……what the hell could you be thinking?

Obama is on vacation again…..that’s about as much of a surprise as the Whitey conviction.   Yes it is a rainy day as I mentioned, and both Barack Obama and your Trained Observer are having to play indoor games today.   Special ain’t it?

Casinos.  I hear tell the lobbying efforts to get this bad idea back on track is backsliding a bit.   Last year, the slippery hustlers, who are the casino world, spent well over 2-million dollars, greasing the palms of lobbyists and subsequently, state officials.   So far this year they’ve spent about half that amount and now the push is on to convince local voters and pols to bring these rip-off palaces to their hometown.   You’ve got to understand…..there is but one way to avoid losing money at a casino;    Fly to Las Vegas, get off the plane, and walk directly into the intake of the jet engine.

Finally, O’Reilly:  I have some friends…and a wife….who can’t stand him.   I understand that completely….but I’ve liked his show….not him…..his show…and I like some of the guests he has on quite regularly.   I know he rules the roost….he constantly interrupts people….he’s rude…..but it’s his show.    It’s not the Goldberg show….it’s the O’Reilly show….but if last night is an indication of how obnoxious he’s going to get………”GO PIERS!!!”     Scratch that…..I’ll switch to “Swamp People” before i ever watch that phony Brit.


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