By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

A warm front tried to get through Southern New England today…unsuccessfully…and the result was a cloudy day with occasional rain.  The front was less active than anticipated and many towns only saw a few hundredths of an inch with the max amounts of around a half inch over the Islands.  At the time of this writing, a cold front is working in from the west.  Along it is a line of showers and thunderstorms and they were pretty strong back in the Hudson River Valley of New York but while working through the Berks they are weakening and aside from a few drops we are now done with the rain…for a long time.

Behind the front, tomorrow morning the wind will start to stir and pick up…this will usher in some very dry air and a perfectly comfortable airmass.  A few cirrus clouds will be present early and a few cumulus clouds present midday…other than that, sunshine.  Temps will be at seasonal levels in the upper 70s.

It will just keep getting better after that too. High pressure anchored near the Northeast will provide ample sunshine and temps around 80 degrees through the weekend.  Light sea breezes may develop but nothing that strong.

Temps will also begin to creep up early next week as there are a few signs pointing to temps possibly getting as high as 90…we shall see…


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