BOSTON (CBS) – Now that the Whitey Bulger trial is over – except for the endless, gratuitous, tax-dollar-wasting appeals – what feeling are you left with?

For me, it’s overwhelming disgust.

I’m disgusted by the role our government played in enabling Bulger and his vile henchmen.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

FBI agents John Connolly and John Morris, who prostituted themselves and betrayed their fellow citizens for cash and cheap thrills, were especially revolting, but I bet we don’t even know the entire roll call of so-called public servants who were also complicit.

And let’s not forget the unindicted co-conspirators in state government over the years who protected Bulger and punished those who sought to curb his crime spree.

I’m disgusted by the cushy deals the Justice Department gave to low-lifes like Flemmi and Martorano to rat out Bulger.

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s claim Monday that they had to cut those deals to get Bulger may be true, but did they really have to give away the store so easily?

I’m also disgusted by the conduct of defense attorneys Jay Carney and Hank Brennan.

Bad enough that they wasted so much of our money on a ludicrous defense of a psychopath.

But their behavior after the verdict Monday, parading before the cameras to declare their “pride” in their vulgar, grandstanding tactics and heap praise on their allegedly “thoughtful” client, went well beyond the demands of a defense lawyer, and ignored basic human decency.

And most of all, I’m disgusted by the life of Whitey Bulger, a stone killer, liar, misogynist, and rat.

This creature makes Jeffrey Dahmer seem sympathic by comparison.

Please step up, death penalty states with criminal complaints against Bulger – you are needed to empty the trash.

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.


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