BOSTON (CBS) — For a while, there wasn’t much better out there than the Patriots-Jets rivalry. There was Bill Belichick vs. Rex Ryan, Randy Moss or Wes Welker vs. Darrelle Revis and Boston vs. New York. The teams battled, splitting their regular season games in 2009 and 2010, with the Jets winning in Foxboro in the playoffs in 2010.

Alas, things change. Moss was gone long ago, Welker is gone, Ryan seems to be standing on thin ice, and Revis is a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who just happen to be in Foxboro this week for joint practice sessions leading up to the teams’ preseason matchup on Friday night.

Revis, who’s in the process of working his way back from a torn ACL suffered last season, was asked Tuesday if the sight of the Patriots on the field got him worked up more than usual.

“No, actually it don’t,” Revis said. “The New York Jets-Patriots, that’s a crazy rivalry. It really is. It’s almost like a hatred. But now I’m a Buccaneer. This is something new for me, being in training camp with another team, so I’m just taking it in stride.”

The end of the rivalry with Revis apparently extends to the owner’s box, too.

“It was funny because Mr. [Robert] Kraft came up to me and said some encouraging words,” Revis said. “It just shows how much respect you have when you’re not on that side of the ball.”

Revis, 28, was asked if he still concerns himself with being considered the best at his position. He said he wants to be the best, and also said the quarterback for New England just might be the best as well.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s between him and Peyton Manning, but it’s a good race between both of them,” Revis said. “They’re both great.”

Revis and Brady won’t get to battle this week, with Revis not yet ready for game action, but they should get their chance in Week 3, when the Buccaneers visit the Patriots in a game that will actually count.


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