BOSTON (CBS) — It’s a steak so good, one bite and you’ll be saying Mooo.

Inside the beautiful XV Beacon Hotel in Boston, Mooo is a softer, sexier, more stylish steakhouse than anything else in the city.

General Manager Alexa Demarco describes the restaurant this way:

“Hip, modern, chic. It’s not your run of the mill steakhouse. There’s a wow-ness to it, it’s the total wow effect!”

You can’t help but be wowed by Mooo’s “udderly” opulent atmosphere, super-professional service, hand-crafted cocktails, and premium steaks fired up in an 1,800 degree broiler.

Executive Chef David Hutton knows his customers may are dropping quite a few dollars on dinner, so every sirloin, side dish, and ice cream sundae is exceptional, without exception.

“Hopefully they say ‘wow look at this, it’s beautiful.’ And the cut into it and they realize it’s cooked perfect. And with all our delicious sides, that’s a great meal.” We have the creamed spinach, we have gratin potato, we have macaroni and cheese. But we take our time and really try to make those sides special, because that’s what keeps them coming back.”

Every meal at Mooo starts with incredibly fluffy and buttery fresh-baked rolls. And every meal ends with a complimentary gourmet Mallomar, with housemade marshmallows encased in a rich chocolate shell. And along the way, there are enormous shellfish towers, addictive panko and parmesan crusted onion rings, and dry aged steaks that a big on flavor, and just plain big!

“We go through more to go containers here because the portions are big. We try to make it big. We think steakhouse when we opened, we wanted to be big. Everything’s big, sides are big, salads are big, everything’s big.”

They’re so big in fact, having two “O’s” just wasn’t enough… for Mooo.

For more food and fun, watch the Phantom Gourmet Sunday 10:30 and 11 a.m. on MyTV38

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