By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

CHILMARK (CBS) — President Obama’s first full day of vacation began on Sunday with a round of golf under a hot sun and blue skies.

And whenever he is on the move, there is a mad dash of activity. Before the motorcade even drives by, security officials check vehicles on the route.

The president was on the move Sunday to the Farm Neck Golf Club, where he played a round with three others including his assistant and the White House chef.

The president could be seen on the second hole fist bumping one of his playing partners.

Speaking of bumping, a group of golfers was about to tee off when the Secret Service put their round on hold.

“So, first he took our tee time but it was our privilege,” golfer Bill Hait said of the presidential foursome. “And then the Secret Service held us back but also helped us find one of our lost balls, so all in all it was extremely positive.”

Where the Obamas visit on the island is always a guessing game.

“You never know where they’re going to be, but you surely know where they have just been because there’s such a buzz afterward,” said island visitor Lisa Sternberg of Hampden.

Many on the island are thrilled by the headlining visit.

“I’m happy to see him or Michelle,” island resident Tina Maloney said of the first couple. “Or the kids, any part of them would be great.”

Others were hoping there would not be too many disruptions this week.

“I just hope he doesn’t come to dinner too often and shut the street down for the rest of us,” Nancy Kolligian of Franklin said. “It’s our vacation.”

But then it happened.

Part of Oak Bluffs was roped off Sunday evening as the president and first lady dined at The Sweet Life Cafe.

Crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the famous couple.

“This is our actual first sighting,” said Kimberly Young Wilkins of Albany, N.Y.

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