The gardens and lawns certainly got a good drink yesterday and then some. Drenching tropical downpours produced street and urban flooding across much of the region except over extreme southeastern MA and Cape Cod where only a few tenths of an inch materialized. Elsewhere, the amounts were copious. Check out this list of rainfall reports from the National Weather Service. The good news is that there was no other severe weather associated with all of this rain. No strong wind gusts occurred and there was minimal lightning. Overall, there are seemingly no significant weather woes in the works for the next couple of weeks. Presently, no heat waves, severe weather or any tropical cyclones are foreseen in this long range pattern and that is a very good thing. There will be only one spell of showers and boomers this coming Tuesday followed by benign, peaceful conditions for about a week after that.

This weekend will be fabulous with plentiful sunshine. There will be patchy feathery cloudiness this morning then nothing more than a few small puffy clouds this afternoon and very few clouds tomorrow. Following the passage of a cold front last night, the air is drying out and dewpoints will be dipping into the 50s this afternoon and declining into the upper 40s tonight and tomorrow. It will feel just fine with air temperatures cresting close to the middle 80s this afternoon then dropping to the comfortable range of 53-63 tonight then rebounding to the lower 80s tomorrow. The drying wind will be brisk at times this afternoon as a bubble of high pressure builds in from the west. Expect some gusts to exceed 20 mph. It will be perfect for outside activities especially at the beach and out on the boat. The sea is running at 1 up to 4 feet, the tide is high at 2:20 pm and the ocean temperatures are in the middle 60s to lower 70s. The visibility will become excellent at sea and up over the hills and mountains which is great for the hikers and climbers. The weather will be awesome for the outside concerts at Fenway Park and other locales and for the 12,000 runners in the Falmouth Road Race. The air will be dry, the temperature will be close to 72 degrees at the 10 am start tomorrow and the wind will be shifting in direction from northwest to south during the race.

A weak system might spill some cloudiness over the region Monday morning with a slight risk of a sprinkle or light shower then a trough of low pressure and frontal boundary will activate and blossom a swath of showers and storms in the region starting near or after the morning commute on Tuesday. Early signs indicate a potential of one half up to an inch of rain out of this system. Lingering instability will generate varying amounts of clouds on Wednesday. After that, a large, sprawling zone of high pressure will be in control next Thursday through the weekend. It will provide refreshingly dry air and ample sunshine for 4 days. Daytime highs in the 75-80 range with overnight lows in the 46-59 range are likely.

Excellent viewing conditions are on tap for the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. It peaks out tomorrow night near or after midnight but you should be able to spot some “shooting stars” tonight too. Click the link for more information.

I will post an updated blog this evening if new data warrants any change in the general scenario for the next several days. Otherwise, Joe Joyce posts his thoughts tomorrow morning and I shall return early Monday morning.

Have a happy and safe weekend!


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