Bradley Jay: ‘Do Animals Have A Soul? Do Pets Go To Heaven?’

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Do Pets Go To Heaven?

There are mixed opinions, among both clergy and lay folks, on whether or not beloved pets will be reunited with their owners in heaven.

One theory states animals don’t have a soul, so they can’t enter heaven.

Another view is that heaven is a place of deep happiness, and since many people could never be truly happy without their pets, animals must go to heaven.

The only way both points of view can be true is if animals actually do have a soul.
If you ask me, ‘of course animals have a soul.’ Let me prove it to you.

Would you agree that your pet can love you? Of course you would.
Would you agree that if a being can love, it has a soul? Of course you would.
Therefore, it follows that your loving pet must have a soul.

Go ahead, look into your tail wagging, face licking, snuggle puppy’s eyes and tell me he/ she has no soul. It would be unsettling to me to believe that our pets could not rejoin us in heaven.

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