BOSTON (CBS) – A New Jersey woman is facing charges for allegedly filing a false claim with the Boston Marathon bombing victims’ fund.

Prosecutors say Iris Gamble, 44, of Linden, NJ filed a claim to the One Fund Boston saying she had been injured in the bombings.

The application, submitted around June 11, was flagged because of “irregularities and misspellings in the paper work,” New Jersey prosecutors said in a news release.

Investigators allege that Gamble was not in Boston on the day of the bombings.

Gamble is charged with 3rd Degree Attempted Theft by Deception, 4th Degree Fraud, and 4th Degree Creating Fraudulent documents.

Officials did not say how much money she had allegedly sought from the One Fund.

Gamble is the third person accused of trying to defraud the One Fund. A Boston man and a New York woman have both been charged in recent months.


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