By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

MARTHA’S VINEYARD (CBS) – Despite the gloomy weather, Martha’s Vineyard is packed and the buzz is building over the Saturday arrival of the First Family.

Businesses are trying to cash in on the high-profile vacation.

The special margarita on tap at Sharky’s Cantina is the Obamarita, the traditional summer beverage with a special twist.

“Mandarin because that’s Obama’s favorite fruit,” says bartender Margarite Burell. “And pineapple juice because he’s from Hawaii.”

Alex McClusky is selling “I vacationed with Obama t-shirts” at his Oak Bluffs souvenir shop, and they are selling well.

“When I put it up yesterday, I sold 20 in the first hour,” said McClusky, who owns Big Al’s Locker Room.

At Nancy’s Snack Bar, a regular stop for the Obamas, they already know the drill in case there is another visit. It starts with the Secret Service.

“They give you a heads up for 20 minutes, security all over, they check the place out, he comes for half an hour or so and he takes off,” said owner Joseph Moujabber.

He would be thrilled for another visit.

“It’s nerve-racking, exciting,” said Moujabber. “I hope he shows up this weekend.”

Frederica Carpenter, who runs the Martha’s Vineyard focused website, says the First Family’s vacation brings excitement and tourism, but also some drawbacks.

“I think traffic would be the one downside as far as people trying to get from point A to point B,” said Carpenter.

This is the Obama’s fourth trip to the island since entering the White House.

They skipped last year during the height of the election season.

They are scheduled to be in town until August 18th.

They are renting a private home in Chilmark.

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