By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

NORWOOD (CBS) – Cameron Guershuny’s mother says her son is getting a second chance at life. “It was that split second when he jumped in the pool that it really changed our lives,” Kelly Geurshuny said.

Kelly’s three-year-old son nearly drowned while visiting some friends at a resort pool in Yarmouth. Cameron accidentally fell into the deep end of the pool. “He was at the bottom of the pool, blue, not breathing,” Kelly said. Fortunately he was rescued by three women who pulled him out and immediately began CPR.

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“They will be a part of our lives forever,” Kelly said. “Basically we are lucky it only takes a split second for something to happen. You don’t think it would happen to you but it did to us.”

Cameron’s mother immediately signed both of her kids up for swimming lessons just two days after Cameron nearly drowned. That’s when she discovered a special swimming program called Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). “This technique makes them able to save themselves,” Kelly said.

Instructor Deborah Rossetti says because of Cameron’s near drowning experience, the first set of lessons are about establishing trust. They meet five days a week for ten minute lessons. “I am working on his floating skills and soon he will be able to put his face in the water,” Rossetti said.

Kelly says although her son remembers those terrifying moments, he’s still not afraid to get in the water. “I don’t want him to have fears and the best way to conquer his fears is through the pool,” Kelly said.


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