BOSTON (CBS) – The security situation in the Middle East appears to be less certain if the actions of the State Department tell us anything.

First, it was the weekend closings of U.S. embassies and consulates throughout the region. Then, many of those closings were extended for the entire week and non-essential personnel were removed from Yemen.

Now we learn of the evacuation in Pakistan.

And this follows repeated statements from President Obama and his subordinates that we are close to eliminating Al-Qaeda.

And we’ve heard experts tell Congressional hearings there are only fifty to a hundred Al-Qaeda members left in Afghanistan.

It’s confusing. And maybe that’s for good reason. Because some experts also argue that while we’ve decimated Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, many terrorists have fled the country or places like Pakistan – where we found Osama Bin Laden and may still be the most dangerous place in the world.

I say that because there’s so much corruption in Pakistan’s government that security is an abstract concept. And what sets Pakistan apart from the rest of its neighbors is that it has the bomb. The great fear is that Pakistani nukes could get into the wrong hands.

Surely President Obama will be asked about this when he holds a news conference later today and I suspect he will give very few specifics when he’s asked about it.

That’s why White House reporters must be specific in their questions because they won’t likely get a chance to ask any next week on Martha’s Vineyard.

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