It’s Adolfo’s job to buy Fred a paper in the morning, but the other day he was running late and had to take a cab in to work, meaning no time to get Fred’s paper.

Toucher & Rich wondered if there was an easier and faster way for Adolfo to get to work. He mentioned buying a moped, but then said he didn’t know how to ride a bicycle!

Adolfo blew everyone away with some science, talking about how the momentum of the moped would help him balance easier.

Watch: Adolfo At The Free Throw Line

So Rich decided to see if his son 5-year-old son Hank could learn to ride a bike faster that Adolfo.

Watch: Adolfo Tries Lacrosse

Enjoy the video of Adolfo’s first attempt of learning to ride a bike:

Listen to the guys break down how things went during and after the filming of Adolfo’s first attempt.

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