BOSTON (CBS) – We are getting close to number 99!

#79 Minor League: Check out minor league or college games for lower-cost sports entertainment.

Dee: An afternoon of major league baseball with your family is a major financial commitment these days. And heaven forbid the kids want souvenirs. And forget tickets to the Pats. A family of four can’t afford it.

Head out to Lowell to watch the Spinners. We usually go opening night in June and tickets are $10 and if you are with a group they could be as lowest $8. Minor leagues are family oriented and the Spinners have stuff for the kids to do if they are bored. And you can afford to buy the kids hotdogs and a drink.

College football and hockey are fun to watch for unlike the pros they don’t have all of those time outs for TV commercials.

#82 Take A Seat: Volunteer to usher at local theaters. You’ll get the satisfaction of helping out while also getting to see the performances, such as concerts, stage shows, lectures for free.

Dee: This is a really good idea! I have a friend who volunteers at the Hanover theater in Worcester and while I paid the big bucks to see Whoopi Goldberg recently she saw her for free. Yes she was there early and stayed late to pick up the programs left behind but she did see the very same program for free.

#85 Check It Out: Instead of buying your next book, borrow it from your local library.

Dee: And through your taxes you have already paid for this service. Last year we did a series on saving money and using your local library for your entertainment needs which can save a family thousands of dollars. A librarian sent me her take on how much money you can save if you use all of the library’s services. Stuff for the kids, free lectures for the adults, movies, CDs, DVDs, books, and use of the library computers.


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