It’s another edition of Gresh & Zo’s no huddle, where the guys take on a variety of NFL topics. There’s 60 seconds on the clock. It’s time for the hurry up offense. Let’s go no huddle.

Adrian Peterson says he’s going to change the way he runs the ball. How much will this new head lowering rule affect the game?

Fans in New York are booing Mark Sanchez. Do they have the right?

Ten players have been arrested on DUI charges since the New Year. The NFL is now looking at harsher penalties for convictions, including a mandatory suspension. Is the league doing the right thing?

Cam Newton has some advice for Texas A&M Star Johnny Manziel. What did the Panthers QB say to the controversial Sophomore QB?

Finally, it seems like everyone in the NFL is tearing their ACL. Denario Alexander, Josh Morgan, Jeremy Maclin. The list goes on and on. Why?

The guys break it all down.


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