Felger and Marc Bertrand were joined by Jermaine Wiggins and the guys opened the day discussing the Boston Red Sox and last night’s 15-10 win over the Houston Astros. Did John Farrell make the wrong call in naming Steven Wright last night’s starter? The guys also talked some New England Patriots and Tom Brady’s new targets. Who will be Brady’s go-to guy? Can the Pats be successful with their new batch of receivers?

During Hour 3, Felger and Bertrand discussed David Ortiz’s comments about his frustration with Major League Baseball and his positive PED test in 2003. Ortiz is claiming that MLB has never told him what he tested positive for. Mike and Beetle went on to discuss Jacoby Ellsbury’s recent power surge. Has Ellsbury turned it on because it’s a contract year? Finally, the guys talked about Steven Wright’s struggles last night in Houston.

In the fourth and final hour, the guys took calls on everything they covered today. Why did Farrell give Wright the start last night? Has Ellsbury turned it on because there’s a new contract on the line? Will the Patriots offense take a step back in 2013? Finally, it’s the Final Word with Joe Murray.

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