By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

DARTMOUTH (CBS) – A community farm in Dartmouth is not about to stop giving, no matter how many times it’s been sabotaged.

In the past year, the non-profit Sharing The Harvest Community Farm has been hit four times by thieves.

“We are doing something good,” farm director Dan King said. “To have people come in and take that away and make it harder is not going to stop us, but it’s annoying challenge.”

It’s not the produce the thieves are targeting, but the equipment used to harvest it.

The latest stolen items include washing tubs and harvest baskets.

“It’s disappointing. It definitely takes time away from what we should be doing, and harvesting food and helping those in need,” Executive Director Derek Heim said.

All of the fruits and vegetables harvested at the four-acre field feeds hundreds of poor families on the South Coast. The produce gets distributed to more than 20 different food pantries.

“There is an inherent cost, but the biggest cost is that it bottlenecks our washing procedures. It slows everything down,” King said.

Community Farm says they will not let these setbacks stop them from helping those in need.

“A little over 200,000 servings of food will come out of this field this year. And we are going to make sure we meet the needs of those who are hungry,” Heim said.

Police are investigating the thefts.


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