BOSTON (CBS) – Today will look at some of the money savings ideas in the Food section. I am a self-proclaimed foodie and I love to save money on food.

#73 Cheap Eats: You’ll find many inexpensive dining options in most college towns.

Dee: And a lot of time you will get what you pay for. But there are times when it is good, cheap and may even be fun.

At the University of Connecticut, in Storrs, CT they have an ice cream shop which accounted for my freshman 15! UConn is an Aggie school and the ice cream is made from milk that their cows produce. Well worth the detour off of route 84 heading to Hartford.

Boston is full of colleges and when my kids went to Tufts we found a great inexpensive Chinese place. There are good places for pizza and burgers around our Boston universities. This works if you live or work around the colleges or like me it’s a great treat in the summer to stop for an ice cream cone and reminisce while driving back from Virginia.

#74 Sprout New Saving: Grow romaine lettuce by putting the “stub” in a glass of water near a sunny window.

Dee: Do you really want a science project in your kitchen window? You can do the same thing with celery, spring onions, bok choy. Great lesson for kids but as a practical matter with lettuce being so cheap it may not be worth your energy.

#75 Weigh Your Options: If you need only a few vegetables or fruits for a recipe or meal, buying a small amount at the supermarket salad bar may be cheaper than buying a bag of pre-cut vegetables.

Dee: We waste so much food. But it’s not always easy though to find half an onion or 2 stalks of celery. If you are trying a recipe for the first time, find other recipes that may use some of the same ingredients.


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