There was a definite feel of fall in the air this morning as we woke up to temperatures in the 40s and 50s. According to the WBZ WeatherBug Network, there were several stations down to 46 degrees including Sudbury, Sterling, Westford, Boxborough, Pembroke, Kingston and Sutton. Boston’s official minimum was 59 degrees which is the average low for September 8. Thanks to the strong August sunshine, there is a recovery underway and afternoon highs will be close to 80 except near the beaches where a sea breeze will restrict the temperatures from rising above 73-76. The tide will be receding this afternoon to a low status at 5:43 pm. There will be some streamers of feathery clouds in places along with some developing small puffy clouds this afternoon. The refreshingly dry air will last through the day, tonight and most of tomorrow. It will not be as cool tonight with lows expected down to 64 in Boston and 53-59 in most of suburbia. High pressure is slipping offshore and eventually more humid air will arrive.

An approaching warm frontal boundary will deliver more cloudiness later tomorrow afternoon with showers to follow later tomorrow night. Thursday and Friday will be unsettled and showery. There is the potential for some local downpours, lightning and thunder from time to time and place to place. The humidity will be high on both of those days with limited breaks of sunshine possible. Once a cold front shifts offshore early Saturday morning, it will become less humid and sunny but it will actually be warmer with highs of 84-89. There is a slight chance that a few isolated locations will warm up to 90 degrees on Saturday as a brisk westerly breeze dries out the air. A weak bubble of high pressure will result in light wind on Sunday under a partly cloudy sky with highs in the range of 83-86. A few showers may return on Monday.

If it is too cool for you here, head to Texas or China where it is excessively hot. Yesterday, Shanghai had its highest temperature on record at 106 degrees. It will be over 100 there through Saturday. Similar weather is forecast for Dallas where it will heat up to 105 today and over 100 degrees for the next 4 days!

Joe Joyce posts his blog early this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!


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