I hope you enjoyed the weekend as the weather was cooperative for the most past. The anticipated mid-afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms materialized on cue and released some briefly heavy downpours in places yesterday. Before that happened, it was a beautiful Sunday and I congratulate all the participants and everyone else involved in the great Pan Mass Challenge. It certainly was more pleasant than last year’s hot and humid conditions.

All systems are go for a decent week especially for vacationers. Other than a risk of some healthy boomers Wednesday night into Thursday, I am very happy to report that the weather will be rather benign this week with no intense heat. To the contrary, the feel of fall is with us today into tomorrow as temperatures rise from the lower to middle 50s this morning up to the middle to upper 70s for afternoon highs. The very dry air and the brisk northwesterly wind of 12-25 mph. will make it feel like a September day. Sunshine will be prevalent all day and the sky should only feature a few small puffy clouds and perhaps a few feathery clouds too.  The tide will be high at 11:15 this morning as the ocean has cooled off a few to several degrees from what it was a couple weeks ago. Thanks to the brisk land breeze, upwelling has resulted meaning the offshore wind has been blowing the warmer surface water farther out to sea over the past couple of days so that the sea temperatures have dropped a few to several degrees from what they were a couple of weeks ago. Except in the shallow bays primarily around Cape Cod where it’s still warm in the lower to middle 70s, the water at many east-facing beaches has cooled to 62-66. As a zone of high pressure builds over the region late today and tonight, radiational cooling will take over and drop the temperatures even lower than last night to 45-50 in the cooler lowland locations ranging up to 50-55 in many of the other suburbs to the lower 60s in Boston itself. As the high  pressure system shifts offshore tomorrow, the wind will be light and destined to turn onshore from the east-southeast along the coast. Consequently, it will be warm up to the lower to middle 70s closer to the coast ranging up to 80 farther inland. It will not be quite so cool tomorrow night because of a light south-southwesterly breeze.

Looking ahead, there is likely to be only one main wet spell this week primarily starting Wednesday evening and ending by early afternoon on Thursday. A push of much warmer and more humid toward the Northeast by the steering currents will result in more frequent periods of showers and thunderstorms arriving west to east Wednesday night into Thursday morning as a warm frontal boundary approaches. It will attempt to bust into southern New England creating some local downpours. The warm front may be overtaken by a cold front coming in from the west. The showers should terminate from west to east from late Thursday morning into the afternoon. Some sunshine could be breaking through the clouds later in the day was it warms up to near 80 conditions. Despite the ending of the showers and a passage of the weak cold front, it will still be humid with highs in the middle 80s on Friday.  After that, a more meaningful cold front will swing in from Canada and possibly produce a brief shower or storm on Saturday before more refreshing air flows in to provide nice sunny weather in the upper 70s next Sunday.

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