The Boston Globe has a new owner.
His name is John Henry.
Yes, that John Henry.
The man who turned the Boston Red Sox into winners will now lead the Globe.
Henry released a statement over the weekend saying, “This is a thriving, dynamic region that needs a strong, sustainable Boston Globe playing an integral role in the community’s long-term future”
Henry was actually outbid by three other parties.
But cash is king and the New York Times (the soon-to-be former owner) liked Henry’s $70 million cash offer.
Henry has yet to layout out his vision for the paper — but he told the Globe he will not push for kinder, gentler coverage of the Sox saying, “Now that I have a prospective role in Globe leadership, if I were foolish enough to try to influence Sox coverage by the Globe, I would only succeed in diminishing the value of both great institutions.”
We should learn more today after he visits the Globe.
Did the New York Times get it right?
Is John Henry the right person to lead the Globe?

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