BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox principle owner John Henry has purchased the Boston Globe, setting up a very interesting dynamic in Boston sports and media.

Sports Illustrated media critic Richard Deitsch joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show on Friday night to discuss the purchase (it was not official at the time), saying it’s a very strange purchase, and could be somewhat troubling down the road.

“It’s interesting. If nothing else is does create this very weird dynamic of the Boston Globe being owned by the Boston Red Sox — a newspaper that has to cover the Red Sox,” said Deitsch. “I think a lot of people will rely on (the Globe) as one of the main sources of info for that team. That’s incredibly strange to me, and troubling”

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“The possibilities of conflict are through the roof. In that situation I feel bad for the sports and news people when they have to cover the Red Sox. You’re covering your own owner,” he said. “It’s not a good place to be, even if John Henry has enough money to keep the Globe going on for a while. It’s a story to absolutely watch when it comes to the media — some good, some not so good.”

“I can’t see him if he’s owning the Globe not to have some kind of significant interest, if not day-to-day then week to week,” continued Deitsch. “You’re setting up problematic situations… The larger issue is, can you really cover the finances of the Red Sox if the principle owner also owns the paper? Would John Henry try to kill the story? Would he try to shape the coverage? … It presents a lot of possible, troubling questions.”

“But we’re just at the beginning (of this story),” he said. “For you guys in Boston, you’re in uncharted waters when it comes to that newspaper.”


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