BOSTON (CBS) — Nobody could have seen the Red Sox’ win on Thursday night coming, but maybe they should have.

The improbable, nearly impossible 8-7 come-from-behind victory featured a six-run rally in the bottom of the ninth, and it instantly became the most memorable Boston win since the famed Mother’s Day Miracle in 2007. It was their largest deficit overcome this season, and it gave them just their third win all year when entering the eighth inning.

Yet, it was the Red Sox’ 11th walk-off win of the season, and the celebrations are starting to become somewhat routine around Fenway Park.

The first came on April 13, with Shane Victorino’s ground ball into Joe Maddon’s infield (which had an extra man pulled in from the outfield) scored Jacoby Ellsbury from third in a 2-1 win over the Rays. The next came just two days later on Patriots’ Day, when Dustin Pedroia got on his horse from first base, scoring on a wall-ball double by Mike Napoli.

There were two more in May, one hit coming from Stephen Drew and another from Jacoby Ellsbury to cap off a four-run rally in the ninth against Cleveland. In June, the Sox celebrated three walk-offs, including a David Ortiz three-run homer and Jonny Gomes’ helment punt down the third base line.

The Sox celebrated three more walk-off victories in July, most notably Mike Napoli’s early-morning blast to beat the Yankees in the 11th inning with two outs and a full count, and August began with Thursday’s incredible victory.

But words are words, and seeing it happen is much more exciting. So check out the video from, and scroll through our walk-off gallery … which at this rate will need to be updated a few times before October ends.

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