BOSTON (CBS) – This section is all about ways to save money on your every day beauty products.

#50 Long-Lasting Lipstick:  When your lipstick reaches the top of the tube, apply it with an inexpensive lipstick brush. Or scoop the remains into a clean jar and a dab of petroleum jelly for gloss.

Dee: You can tell the author of this article is a man. Lipstick is cheap and most women do know to apply it with a brush when the tube is almost gone. But what do you scoop it out of the tube with? And why would you mess up a jar by putting lipstick in it. I’ll bet he never tried to get lipstick stains off dishes or out of a jar for that matter. Don’t bother, buy a new tube. They are not expensive. See #52 for more help.

#51 Soften Up:  The best and cheapest moisturizers are petroleum jelly and shortening. Just rub the product on your feet at night and wear a pair of cotton socks to bed.

Dee: Really? Shortening? You will attract flies. This guy definitely does not do the family laundry. No homemade soap is going to get those grease stains out of your bed linens and socks. Indeed Crisco is cheap but you can find other inexpensive ways to soften up your heels.

#52 Return It:  Don’t waste money on beauty products that don’t do the job. Many merchants, including CVS, Rite Aid and Kohl’s, will take back, with a receipt, any cosmetics you don’t like, whether or not you’ve opened and tried them.

Dee: And they will! I’ve done it! If you want to try something new or different it’s impossible to find sample sizes of any products. Years ago the Avon lady would give you small samples of their products to try which I still think is great marketing. Lipstick shades look different on everyone. What works for your sister may not work for you. Just save those receipts!

Here’s the full list of 99 Great Ways to Save from the AARP Bulletin

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