Wilmington Limo Service Shut Down; Feds Say It Posed ‘Imminent Hazard’

WILMINGTON (CBS) – The feds have ordered the immediate shutdown of a Wilmington-based limousine service following an investigation that claims its vehicles and drivers pose an imminent hazard to public safety.

According to the report by the federal Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the investigation revealed that Lynette’s Limousine Service failed to inspect, repair or maintain its vehicles.

The DOT shutdown order alleges that the limo service continued using vehicles that had failed safety inspections. It also states that the company ignored required limits on drivers’ hours, used unqualified drivers, and failed to ensure drivers complied with controlled substances and alcohol use testing regulations.

“Passengers on limousines, vans and buses, as well as every traveler on the road with them, deserve to reach their destination safely,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement. “Companies that disregard basic rules and jeopardize safety will not be allowed to operate.”

Lynette’s fleet of 20 vehicles includes limousines, stretch limousines, specialty vans, a motor coach and other vehicles.

Lynette’s responded to the order with a statement on its Facebook page:

We would like to inform all of our family and friends, that you will be seeing us on the news in regards to the Department of Transportation…..We wish to inform the public and our many loyal customers in particular that Lynette’s Limousin…e (?) is undergoing a federal safety audit of our procedures and vehicles. Many of you know us for the many years of safe, efficient, and reliable transportation services we have provided during a host of major life events such as weddings, proms, and anniversaries. We have served the public since 1986 and are proud of our record. We understand that this audit is part of a nation-wide effort by the federal government to ensure that carriers such as us provide the public with safe transportation. We presently are reviewing the government’s recommendations and findings regarding our business. We have compiled a vast amount of records and data for this audit and believe that it shows we are one of the largest and safest such carriers in the business. We look forward, as in the past, to being a part of your most important and cherished occasions and events.


After all is said and done we will be one of the safest Limousine Companies on the road.

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