BOSTON (CBS) – Paul Pierce may have grown up on the West Coast, but he picked up more than a few Bostonian traits over his 15-year career with the Boston Celtics.

And when you’ve been in the Boston area that long, people expect you to have a Boston accent (just ask Tom Brady). So even though he’s now a member of the Brooklyn Nets, Pierce’s Boston accent is on display in a new commercial for Dish Network.

The commercial is part of a series by Dish titled “Learn To Talk Boston,” that takes various words and “Bostonizes” them. A few examples are “Tahnic” (tonic), “Sundy” (Sunday), and “Beeya” (beer).

Pierce had a few easy words to work with, like “Clicka” (clicker — or remote control) and “FIbba.”

“They call me ‘The Truth’ because I’m not a ‘Fibba.’ And I’m good at basketball,” Pierce says in the commercial.

One of the funnier words given to Pierce is “yoodge” — Boston’s version of the word “huge.”

“My arms are ‘yoodge,’ my legs are ‘yoodge,’ my ego is reasonably contained.” he says.

While other Dish Network commercials show a family in Boston, complete with Boston accents, this one also had to give a nod to Pierce’s new home.

“A good reason to move to Brooklyn is the ‘peetsir,'” Pierce says, talking Pizza (if you couldn’t tell).

Pierce was traded to the Nets along with Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry on July 12, with Boston receiving five players and three draft picks in return.

Photo Gallery: Pierce’s Celtics Career

While he may be wearing a Nets jersey next season, Pierce will always be remembered as a Boston Celtics and an honorary Bostonian — even if his accent is a little off.

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