By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – The prosecution has rested it’s case against Whitey Bulger, and the dubious ethics of many of the witnesses against him notwithstanding, the evidence of his guilt as one of the most vicious criminals in American history appears overwhelming.

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But now the defense will get its turn. And while they’ve already conceded their man is a world-class thug, the big question is – will he take the stand to tell his side of the story?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

The only real value I can see in hearing Bulger speak would be to flesh out the corruption of the FBI agents who essentially gave him free reign to kill and steal in exchange for ratting out others.

But in true delusional psychopath style, Bulger – through his publicly-funded lawyers – is insisting he was never an informant. We could also expect him to deny that he ever killed any women, despite the multiple eyewitnesses swearing to the contrary.

Let’s face it, this entire trial has been an expensive charade, a vehicle for Bulger to try to perpetrate one final fraud. And taking the stand could well be the most fraudulent act of all.

One law enforcement expert told me last week it wouldn’t surprise him to see Bulger take the stand and deliver his self-serving prattle under friendly questioning from his mouthpieces, then flatly refuse to answer questions on cross-examination.

He’s 83, and will definitely die in prison. What difference would a contempt of court citation make to him?

Somebody said the other day Bulger’s testimony would be all about salvaging his reputation, but what a hopeless task. I’d prefer not to hear more evil lies from him.

Haven’t we all had our fill of that?

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