Can you believe that July concludes on Wednesday? For many, it always seems like summer flies by faster than any other season. For some of us, it seemed like the hot weather would never end this month. Anyway, despite the fast approach of August, I predict that we will be enjoying a lot of great summer weather ahead. It all starts tomorrow when the humidity will be much lower and the sunshine will be plentiful. The good news is that it will linger through Wednesday too. Before that happens, we will deal with muggy conditions today as the changeable morning sky gives way to some sunshine followed by some developing clouds which will trigger a few widely scattered showers and storms into the afternoon. A cold front over eastern NY is pushing eastward. Behind it is a large mass of refreshing air that has actually been quite cool across the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi Valley over the past few days. The temperatures  will max out mainly in the lower 80s inland and upper 70s closer to the coastline today with similar numbers tomorrow then slightly higher on Wednesday. Overnight temperatures will drop into the middle 50s to middle 60s over the next couple of nights. The wind will be light for the most part the next 3 days and that will lead to the development of a sea breeze keeping the beaches a bit cooler. Expect late afternoon to early evening high tides over the next few days. The ocean has cooled a bit from its recent amazing warmth but it is still quite balmy at 66-73 degrees. The weather will be splendid for the Newburyport Yankee Homecoming Days much of this week. There will be a variety of activities all week highlighted by the evening concerts on the waterfront, the fantastic fireworks display at 9:15 pm Saturday and the Lions Club 5K/10Mi Road Race at 6pm Tuesday. Good luck to all the runners.  I will miss participating this year!

As a disturbance exits the Ohio Valley later this week, it will shift northeastward into our region releasing showers and thunderstorms later Thursday afternoon and Thursday night. There will be some local downpours but most of the wet weather will exit by dawn on Friday. After that, there is a slight risk of a brief shower or thunderstorm Friday afternoon with dry weather next Saturday. There could be a few scattered showers and storms next Sunday. Temperatures the second half of the week through the weekend will max out in the lower to middle 80s. It will temporarily turn humid later Thursday with drier air returning later Friday through the weekend.

Looking ahead, almost all indicators point to NO heat waves through at least the first half of August! In fact, temperatures may be a bit below the average next week.

Joe Joyce will be subbing for Todd Gutner this week and he will post his blog early this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!

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