A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Too late……..much too late I’m sure,  but those are the words of  Bob Filner, the Mayor of San Diego.   Yes it seems the crude and fondling Mayor has been a dirt-bag for years and finally…….i’s catching up to him.   First he denied it…..then he admitted it…..but in spite of overwhelming evidence and witnesses ready to stand up to him, he’s refusing to resign and instead will undergo a couple of weeks of intensive therapy…..to “learn how to be a better person.”      I’m sure that’s all he needs….a couple of weeks of therapy and he’ll be back with his hands in his pockets, his garbage mouth all washed out,  and ready to serve the good people of San Diego once again.

And then there’s the Weener man in New York City.    I know that’s not the way he spells his name, but that’s the way he pronounces it and I just think it’s more appropriate that way.    This one is a beauty isn’t it?   There was actually a threat the voters of the Big Apple were going to elect him, which doesn’t say much for the IQ of the average voter in NYC, but now, it appears the Weener man has gone one photograph over the limit.       This is clearly a sick man…..yes, medical textbook sick….but he doesn’t know it.    His wife, said to be above average intelligence is actually “standing by her man” right now and while you won’t find that sickness in the medical textbook…it really is sick…and my biggest concern is, political wannabees everywhere are subject to this insidious phenomenon….or sickness.      Eliot SPITzer….the disgraced Governor of New York who had to step down for his involvement in a prostitution scandal….thought to be disgraced for life……is running for office again in NYC and……yuh can’t make this stuff up…..he’s running against a former Madam!!!!!!     I guess it was a joke….but former New York Governor David Paterson, an old buddy of the Spit-miester, said he was thinking about running for President of Egypt.  He told an interviewer…..”its a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.”   And I used to think Massachusetts was the twisted political capital of America.

Finally…..now that I’ve got myself thinking about it……you know where the twisted capital of America is?????    It’s wherever Barack Obama is.  I honestly had no intention of mentioning BHO in this particular rant, but I’m still trying to formulate the acceptable words to articulate my outrage over this mans non-stop campaigning, offering nothing new to help this country, while referring to all recent distractions as “FAKE” and “PHONY”.   Benghazi…..the IRS scandal….pick one….there are many others.   Fake and phony distractions?    There are almost no words to describe the lunacy of such a statement.

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