BOSTON (CBS) – It looks like it’s open season on Huma Abedin, the unfortunate wife of mentally-ill former congressman and temporary New York City mayoral candidate Anthony W., which is what I’m calling him to spare parents with kids in the car any further agony.

Or at least, it’s open season in New York City tabloid world, where the cover of the New York Post yesterday was a full-page picture of Ms. Abedin with the screaming headline: “What’s Wrong With You?” It’s a question that even the so-called respectable media are having a field day with, as her decision to publicly support her husband during his meltdown is getting the full chattering-class treatment.

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As a Post columnist put it: “Clearly, there is something very wrong with Abedin — whether it’s simply that she shares her husband’s vaulting ambition or that she has a pathological need to be publicly humiliated, something’s up.”

I don’t know Abedin and have no use for her husband. But I’m not so sure there is anything wrong with her.

It strikes me as consistent with everything we know about human nature that she would want to protect and defend her husband, the father of her child, no matter how humiliating that may be.

Real family ties run strong. Consider how much damage former Senate President William Bulger has suffered over the years, to his career and reputation, out of love for his gangster brother and resistance to the ugly truth about him.

Criticize Abedin for poor judgement in marrying a mess like Anthony W. in the first place, or for encouraging stories about his recovery that now turn out to be disingenuous at best.

But it looks to me like she’s just doing what comes naturally, supporting a loved one in his hour of need.

And count me out of the pack instinct to mock her for it.

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