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Consider this:

The other day I was cleaning my apartment and it struck me that I spend a great deal of time house cleaning, yet other peoples’ homes seem cleaner than mine.

‘How much do these people clean their homes to get them so tidy,’ I wondered. ‘Perhaps they just do a mad cleaning prior to the arrival of company or maybe I am just a Mr. Clutter.’

So I resolved to find out how many hours other folks spend house cleaning and which areas of the home demand the most time.

The goal was to find out where I rank when it comes to time spent sanitizing (TSS) and how I could become more efficient.

I headed out to the Coolidge Corner area with my camera and microphone to confront the perhaps messy truth about my domestic skills.

The question was, “How much time does your household spend on house cleaning and which area of the home takes the most time”?

The answers ranged from a maximum of 10 hours to a serious “once a year.”

Click play to watch the video and find how you rank in the neatness department.

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