Here in Boston, even die-hard Red Sox fans are willing to admit that Robinson Cano might be a better all-around player than Dustin Pedroia. That doesn’t mean Red Sox fans have been clamoring for a second baseman swap, but just an admission that Cano’s a fine fielder with a little extra pop in his bat compared to Pedroia.

Yet, leave it to a voice from New York to make the case that Pedroia is the better player.

Sal Licata from SNY joined The Adam Jones Show on Wednesday night and said Pedroia’s contract extension showed the Cano won’t get the megabucks he’s hoping for after this season.

“Pedroia, a year younger, wanted an eight-year deal for $100 million. I don’t think Cano is going to get anything near $200 million for 10 years like he wanted. How could anybody do that?” Licata said. “I don’t think the Yankees are going to give him that much money. It’s a question of will some [other] team? There’s always one rogue owner or one rogue team that wants to go out there and overpay for that type of guy. If that’s the case, the Yankees have to let him walk. That’s exactly why I’m saying I would look to trade him and get something back as opposed to just letting him walk at the end of the year.”

Pedroia’s deal with the Red Sox could prove costly for the Yankees.

“You can’t be held hostage here and give the guy that much money,” Licata said of Cano. “Pedroia, to me, is the better player of the two. I’m sure certain people could argue that Cano is better, but I’d rather have Pedroia on my team. And you’re telling me he’s only getting seven or eight years for $100 million? To me, it’s at least got to be similar to that, but Cano probably wants higher figures.”

Licata also broke down the ongoing Alex Rodriguez saga, saying he expects to see A-Rod back in the Yankees’ lineup this weekend, despite all the mystery surrounding his situation.

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