New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke about the arrest of Aaron Hernandez on Wednesday, calling it “a sad day on so many levels.”

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald joined Toucher & Rich on Thursday morning to discuss what the head coach had to say.

“I thought he did a good job, he was much more forthcoming than I think anybody would expect. He was emotional, he was human, he was apologetic, he was sympathetic toward the victims family, I think he touch on every subject you would ask of him in that opening seven minute statement,” Howe told T&R.

As Belichick reached the end of his statement he said, “I’ve been advised to address the subject once, and it’s time for the New England Patriots to move forward.” So why make the captains available to speak on Thursday?

They also discussed Aaron Hernandez’s flop house and the possibility that other players could have hung out there in the past. The guys also hit on the possibility of players being called to testify once a trial starts.

Plus, did the Patriots bring Tim Tebow in to try have a positive influence on Hernandez?


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