BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will take the podium on Wednesday for the first time since former New England tight end Aaron Hernandez was charged with first degree murder in June.

No one knows for sure how Belichick will handle things on Wednesday, but many feel he needs to come out and address the arrest of his former player. Others don’t think he should have to talk about it at all, since Hernandez is no longer on the team.

The fact there are some people who feel that Belichick doesn’t need to address the situation angers 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Fred Toucher.

“Bill Belichick is a highly-paid face of a billion dollar organization – he has to say something about it,” Fred said on Wednesday morning’s Toucher & Rich. “I think the Patriots should have to talk about having a triple murderer in their employment; it just makes a little sense to me.”

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“Companies have to make statements about crap; meaningless, mindless crap. You know how much crap people are offended by? Think of national outrages over crap; Don Imus, Janet Jackson’s nipple – things you look back at and say ‘who gives a rat’s ass’ and a thousand people made statements,” he said. “He’s being prosecuted for three murders in your town and you don’t think the company has to make a statement about it?”

“If there was a high-profile triple murder and it was someone that worked for a fast food restaurant, they would make a statement. They would have to make a statement because they want you to continue to buy their food, or software, or automotives. They want you to buy your product, and the Patriots want you to buy their product,” he continued. “If you lose 2% of your business or 2% of your business gets alienated because you mis-handle this press conference today, you lose a ton of money. If I’m the ownership, I don’t want to lose a single fan.”

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“You have to do your best to let people know, and it might be the most irrational thing in the world, you have to let people know you don’t like this,” said Fred. “It happens all the time; you distance yourself from this person and take one day where you answer the questions.”

Listen to Fred’s full 17-minute rant:


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