A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Is there no end to to the silly things deemed as huge news stories?   Is there no end to the bad news that the President of the United States has to endure?  Does anyone know the difference between the truth and an outright lie?   Does anyone care anymore or are we  all just looking to be entertained?  I think it’s the latter.   Entertainment keeps us enthralled for days, weeks and months……even if it’s irrelevant or an outright lie.     When the truth is finally undeniable……the attention span disappears and the public gives it a grunt….such as “oh.”      The Boston Strangler case is a classic recent example.   For years, some very convincing people tried to convince the public “Albert Desalvo was not the strangler.”    Movies were made, books were written, news conferences were given, allegedly with proof……”Albert didn’t do it.”    Science (dna) finally caught up to the case, it took almost a half century, but in 2013….proof positive….”Albert did it.”       Public response………”Oh.”

Okay….a woman in London gives birth to a healthy baby boy….8 lbs. 6 oz. and to that most people said “Oh.”   But the news media decided this was huge news, a large segment of the population in several countries starts to celebrate and I’m still with the “Oh” crowd.

Whitey Bulger, Weeks, Flemmi entertaining the news media all over the country by calling each other names.  I heard someone refer to them as the ultimate La Cosa Nostra or Mafia.    What a joke.  Not a one of them could qualify for membership  in the mafia.   The Godfather himself wouldn’t dirty his hands with the likes of these dirt bags, they are strictly local killers and criminals with credentials afforded by state government connections and the FBI, but it’s entertainment for some newcomers to the news media and the public is lapping it up.

It takes a while for the public to come around on a lot of issues and the one I’m finding most fascinating right now is the man in the White House. If it wasn’t for bad luck, Barack wouldn’t have any luck at all and I just can’t see any escape for him.    His accomplishments are zero, his promises are going up in dust, his support  is waning, his agenda at home and abroad is a disaster, this country is in big trouble after a term and a half with this Chicago activist and the way I see it, the Republicans had better come up with a leader in a hurry, or we’ re all doomed.


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