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Felger and Massarotti opened the day discussing the Boston Red Sox and the contract extension of second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia signed a 7-year extension for $100 million with a no-trade clause today. Did Pedroia deserve more? Last night, the Sox were shut out by pitcher Matt Moore and the Tampa Bay Rays. With the last night’s 3-0 loss, the Sox lead the AL East by only 1/2 game over the Rays. Also with the lead in the AL East getting smaller, how important is it to get Clay Buchholz back quicker? Does Buchholz need an attitude adjustment? Could Toradol usage be an issue for Buchholz? Jacoby Ellsbury isn’t in tonight’s lineup. Why isn’t Ellsbury out there?

In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz talked some New England Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick will address the media tomorrow. How will Belichick handle the media tomorrow? Will he answer questions regarding Aaron Hernandez? The Patriots also decided against signing undrafted rookie defensive lineman John Drew due to a gun arrest. Are baseball fans burnt out on the steroids topic? Do fans really care about PED use in baseball? What kind of affect could the Biogenesis scandal have on the playoff picture?

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During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, the guys continued to talk about Clay Buchholz and his shoulder injury. Also, a caller set Mazz off on the side of Bartolo Colon’s head. Back to Buchholz, are his issues more mental than physical? The Chicago Cubs traded pitcher Matt Garza to the Texas Rangers for four prospects. Now that Garza is off the market, the Sox may be interested in Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy. What should the Sox give up for Peavy? Jacoby Ellsbury has had seven of the last seventeen days off. Why isn’t Ellsbury going to be out there tonight? Finally, Felger makes Kaufman give a Hot Sports Take.

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In the fourth and final hour, Felger and Mazz continue to discuss Buchholz’s shoulder injury. Tonight is Game 2 of the Sox 4-game series with the Tampa Bay Rays. After last night’s loss, the Sox only have a 1/2 game lead over the Rays in the division. What should we expect from Belichick when he addresses the media tomorrow? How much of an affect did the Sox-Yankees marathon from Sunday night have on the Sox and Yankees performances last night? Finally, it’s the Final Word with Adam Kaufman.

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