By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Congrats, you made it through the week-long heat wave and now temps and humidity levels are much more doable.  A coldfront has settled to our south shoving the 90s into the Mid-Atlantic but the front isn’t moving much more and this means that while the air isn’t oppressive, it is still a bit humid.  That front is going to work back north late tomorrow through Tuesday and this will lead to more numerous showers, downpours and thunderstorms.  The wettest part will be Monday night and Tuesday and downpours are likely.

By Wednesday morning, that same front will settle offshore again to our south…close enough for clouds and a few showers but far enough away to keep the band of soaking rain out over the Atlantic to our east.  Of course, should the front wobble and settle slightly farther north we could get into that heavy rain again on Thursday and Friday…we’ll watch it closely.

As for temps…onshore breezes behind the front will keep the coastline in the 70s for the most part this week and inland areas at or above 80…but no 90s!!!


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