A Blog by Gary LaPierre

The alleged outrage and righteous indignation over the George Zimmerman verdict is truly amazing….almost all created by the social media..much to the delight apparently of the complicit mainstream media.   Right from the get-go, the local police authorities in Florida investigated and concluded, there just isn’t enough to go on….not enough to file charges.    The County Attorney steps in and agrees….not enough there to prosecute.    The state investigators agree, but the President of the United States decides to make an issue out of it……”if I had a son he would look like Trayvon.”    They fire the local authorities, produce a case under which they can prosecute, and take Zimmerman to trial.   The case was weak, the presentation was weaker, the prosecutors knew they had nothing (but they still sit back and call George a murderer) and the jurors come back unanimous…..”NOT GUILTY”.     End of case?   Not a chance…because this is where the social media kicks in, gets backing from the likes of A. Sharpton, J. Jackson (people who do this kind of stuff for a living) plus the former Chicago community organizer himself….. and we’re off and running.

First trouble spot?   California!  3,000 miles away is where the trouble begins.   In the land of fruits and nuts on the west coast, where they’ve been known to burn down neighborhoods because their favorite team lost a ballgame….California.  How about 3,000 miles the other way….New York City….another mecca for those looking to demonstrate……for or against…..anything!  You could be selling 5-pounds of poop in 3-pound bags and there would be a market for it….in the Big Apple.

George Zimmerman is not guilty……but…….George Zimmerman is also not innocent.   He killed a kid……he admits it.   He stood his trial, waited for the verdict and the decision was unanimous…..not guilty.   There surely is a lot of room for a lot of dialogue over the circumstances that led to the death of a young man,  and I hope it becomes a reality,  but folks the case in Sanford, Florida is over.   The case is closed and I’m betting will remain that way……particularly if everyone with a Twitter account who thinks they’re Walter Chronkite would just zip-it!!!!!


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