By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

We’ve had heat waves this year but this one will be the longest.  We are on day two of a potential seven day heat wave…the longest in over 10 years!  The chances of the heat wave being that long are much higher away from the ocean than they are along the water.  Local seabreezes will kick in each afternoon around lunch time capping temps and in some places lowering them.  With that said, Boston has seen a seabreeze both yesterday and today but still managed to clear 90 degrees before cooling off to the 80s later in the day.  Along with this heat, more humidity…dewpoints will hovering in the lower 70s for the majority of the week this will shoot heat index values over 100 degrees at times making the heat a bit dangerous for some folks so best advice is to simply take it slow and drink plenty of fluids.

Anytime you have the heat and humidity you always stand the chance to see some thunderstorms.  However, without much of a trigger, any thunderstorms over the next few days will be very isolated.

Once the weekend rolls around, a more potent coldfront will be rolling in.  This will lead to widespread thunderstorms, some of which may be severe late Saturday.  But, most importantly, the heat wave will break and so will the humidity as a brand new clean airmass busts in from Canada!  Temps will slide back to around 80 degrees for early next week!!!


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