By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Derderian, a well-known Boston Marathon historian–in fact he has written a book on it–has come up with what is believed to be the first design for a permanent memorial to the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Derderian’s idea is to demolish the footbridge that crosses the Mass Pike in Allston, and rebuild it with a new one that would include a gleaming arch and the names of those killed or wounded.

Tom Derderian's proposal for footbridge to honor Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Tom Derderian’s proposal for footbridge to honor Boston Marathon bombing victims.

“A bridge is symbolic, it unites communities,” said Derderian.

Pedestrians and bikers could see the names inscribed on the memorial as they cross the bridge, and drivers could see the memorial from below.

“I feel it would definitely show our tribute to all the victims that had to suffer from the bombings,” said Deanna Campbell who uses the bridge frequently.

But on a bridge covered in graffiti, not everyone is sure it is the best location.

“I don’t know if this is the right spot for it,” said Holden Lewis who also uses the bridge. “It might get trashed because all the lights get knocked out every few months…everybody’s always spray painting the ground.”

For Derderian, given his ties to the marathon, he says coming up with a proposal is his obligation. He has already submitted his idea to the city, which is forming a committee that will decide on a permanent memorial.

“What better memorial would there be than something practical, something you can run over and something that would tell people what happened,” said Derderian.

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