By Michelle Roberts, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — It’s one of the worst bottle necks in the state and people who pass through the Route 128-Massachusetts Turnpike interchange in Weston understand the headaches.

Starting next week, traffic may improve but there’s also a chance things could get worse.

The state Department of Transportation is testing a new road configuration to help ease the congestion.

As it is now, drivers are coming from Route 30 and the Mass. Pike, trying to get on 95 North, creating a textbook bottleneck traffic jam.

To fix the problem, MassDOT is trying something bold and somewhat confusing.

To address this bottleneck, MassDOT will be closing the right lane on I-95 Northbound through a temporary tapered lane closure, just north of the I-95 NB Exit 23-24-25.

Currently, I-95 Northbound is four lanes wide with the right-most lane carrying through traffic and vehicles that are merging onto I-95 Northbound from the Mass Pike and Route 30. This double-merge point causes traffic to back up through the Toll Plaza and onto I-90.

By closing the right lane to I-95 Northbound travelers, it becomes a dedicated lane for MassPike/Route 30 travelers to merge onto I-95 Northbound.

A third of all traffic on I-95 Northbound exits at Exit 23-24-25, and a recent traffic count showed 10-percent of vehicles continuing north on I-95 utilize the right lane.

During the trial period, through traffic on I-95 Northbound should stay to the left. Hesitation is common around new traffic patterns and public awareness will be key.

If the new pattern works, it will become a permanent change.


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