With Mazz still on vacation, Felger and Bertrand start off Tuesday’s show with the latest developments in the Aaron Hernandez case. They discuss where the Patriots have gone wrong in their personnel evaluation in recent years, and whether big changes need to be made in the organization’s talent and character evaluation. They also give updates as 156 pages of warrants and affidavit’s are unsealed by a judge in the Hernandez case.

In hour 2, Felger and Beetle switch gears to talk about yet another terrible start from Jon Lester Monday night in Seattle. At what point do we need to be concerned about Lester?

Kevin Paul DuPont of the Boston Globe Tweeted that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Bruins trade Brad Marchand or Chris Kelly this off-season, and Felger and Beetle give their take.

Hour 3 kicks off with more discussion about character flaws in the NFL. Felger gets called out for his obsession with Tyrann Mathieu heading into the 2013 NFL Draft. In light of the Hernandez case, has he changed his view on players like the “Honey Badger” who have a colorful past?

Boston Bruins President Cam Neely also checks in for his exit interview. Hear Neely’s take on the Tyler Seguin trade, the reasoning behind it was, as well as how the rest of the off-season will shape up for the Bruins.

In the 4th and final hour, Felger & Bertrand continue their discussions about the Red Sox, Aaron Hernandez, and Tyler Seguin, and take calls on everything discussed during the show.

They wrap things up with The Final Word with Adam Kaufman.


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